The Black Vault by M.

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‘THE BLACK VAULT’ is a brutally beautiful, visceral feast, graphic as a sliced eyeball. In these dark, surreal landscapes we suffer the estrangement of existence with only the inevitability of death for comfort. Anyone deluded about what it is to be human might experience what Milan Kundera terms, liost; a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery. Anyone else will be enthralled by some of the most darkly vivid imagery to be experienced anywhere. Read ‘the black vault’ and you will experience some kind of duende; a blackness that strikes to the very core yet is still curiously fresh’.

                   -Gillian Prew, author of ‘Throats Full of Graves’, ‘A Wound’s Sound’.
‘…the poetics of rigor mortis ad infinitum…
…hypnotic, unsettling and esoteric…
…funereal without a heart…
…the claustrophobic bite of death, a vestibule unto the throes of deathly ecstasies, the realm of the anxiety of existing, the wanton desire of death, the notion of ‘have it done with…’ rhetoric that hauntingly stings within its layers.’ -Craig Podmore, Review
Author’s Blog, with excerpts:

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