Limited print run
Full Colour
including Kim Cascone and Silent Records’ Transcendigitalism compilation CD

Black+White, Book only
$10 available here

//I draw circles and sacred boundaries about me; fewer and fewer climb with me up higher and higher mountains.—I am building a mountain chain out of ever-holier mountains. – Nietzsche//

//Drone music excels in creating and maintaining tension. It aestheticizes doom, opening a door onto once and future catastrophe […] Drone music is a music for when the markers of time such as clocks, metronomes, alarms have stopped. It is an acoustic foundation from which other sounds emerged, and to which all sounds will eventually return. – Joanna Demers//

Sustain//Decay is a philoscillosophical mantralith
a technaural chronicle 0f art, audio, and essays
on and on
and around and around
drone music and its relation to such things as
extreme slowness
hermetics and occultism
holy mountains and arduous tasks

…as well as…

conceptual droning: thinking like:as:with drone
repetitive philosophical/tonal/rhythmic
oscillations around a central “pedal point.”

drone music theory/topology:

anthropological approaches to, and the physics of, art that engages stylistic elements such as heavy repetition and iteration, vastness, endless echoes, symmetry, resonation and humming, thrumming, threnody – cascading, en-trancing, enveloping art that rewards patience and attention : art that demands endurance to complete or understand.

Introduction : A Circular Scaffold

what follows is an archive

of links, audio, video, art, interviews, and words
from contributors, collaborators, and co-conspirators
assembled as a companion
to the book
dited by Owen Coggins and James Harris

//For what is drone but the unending echo of generational potential?  – Aliza Shvarts//

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