Rituals by S.M.H.

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the bloated deer eyes open mouth wagging
tongue lolling soft on the grass eyes glazed
with the dream of dead earth

in the rug of its fur
maggots writhed a vision

in the beatitude of scorched flesh
i watched the maggots move
i saw the deer look out
into the world beyond the world
maggots burned gold they squirmed in
holy light they squirmed holy
they ate through the flesh putrid and
strange they showed what

light there was in dying what fertility in

rot what breeding springs from
in the matted glen
under a sky grey as nails
i knelt next to the open mouth
to the body i laid my lips
i sought to taste
the strangeness of dying
i sought to see

what the eyes
of deadmilk
did see

in the purgatory of time,
i gagged for a vision
the dark wood glowed
like the orange coils of
an electric lantern

like a coal
deep red
in its waning

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