Radia by Rus Khomutoff


// Rus Khomutoff dreams up the contemporary world  into surprisingly familiar cosmic landscapes reminiscent of those suggested by the most idiosyncratic avantgardists—think Artaud, Char, Malraux, Panero, and other moderns unafraid to acknowledge the material quotidianity of mystical experience. Poems in Radia function as un-coders (rather than decoders), allowing the words to shine in their full resplendence while approaching each other artfully, almost naked, in unexpected ways, to take advantage of the oneiric gears hiding everywhere under the apparent simplicity of life – German Sierra //

// Rus Khomutoff’s poetry plumbs the depth of human emotion with a sensually intense and innovative brilliance. With an intellectual and visionary aplomb, his words conjure images that are mercurial, mysterious and malleable in their shaping of the world that surrounds us.
Like a shaman he reveals clandestine aspects of the consciousness housed within physicality’s essence – Ric Carfagna //

// Rus Khomutoff’s poetry is at once an inspiration and a provocation. Not unlike the works of André Breton and Georges Bataille, they blend the sacred and the profane, creating an atmosphere that is at once enchanted and realistic. What are we reading here? Mystical texts or playful Dadaism? Art or spirituality? We do not have to decide, for that which is beyond meaning is deeper than truth itself. After a certain point, distinctions blend into immensity.
Khomutoff’s work allows us to taste the immense, the final destination of all journeys. Ascending into the Cloud of Unknowing, we are taken away, abducted into dimensions far beyond discursive thought or intelligibility. And yet, these fragrant words do indeed convey an ineffable something. It is up to every reader to discover within themselves what exactly this might be – Adam Lovasz //

//In Rus Khomutoff’s poetry  conceptual thought is squeezed and twisted into the most dense poetic forms – Andrew Milward //

// Rus Khomutoff’s poetry manifests ideaphoria – Michael Lee Rattigan, author of Liminal & Hiraeth //

//Rus Khomutoff is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting poets working today. His Radia is a fantastic sampling of his highly stylized, experimental, and often surreal work. Every time I’ve sat down to read from Radia I always find myself at the end, having read every word and blank space between the covers. – Kristopher Biernatsky, Dink Press//

// A powerful poetic work – Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh, author of Omnicide //

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