Mirror Maze: No Self Reflection by James Harris

|||Death emerges from technocratic transhumanism as ultimate horizon of control : this trajectory carves open a necromantic channel of revolution. Neoreactionary technosingularitarianism|radical paranoia|bleak-hole nihilism irrupt as advanced strategy but even these have difficulty coping with the wave upon novel wave of pathology that breaks upon the mind as the organ of infinite imagination seems to have as many ways of malfunctioning, as many ways of hiding information, as many ways of covering its tracks, disguising itself… This problem is intensified by exponential growth in input streams – a “being-opened” that often decays into an always-closing-off in defense against constant evisceration : a closing-off that mirrors the psychoanalytic concept of repression : compulsively pre-emptive strikes on anticipated potentialities – people really don’t like to talk about death. This defense mechanism amplifies the difficulty of the transformation from being turned inward (the passive nihilism of insignificance) to turning inside-out (the active annihilism of self), adding complexity to this lock, the picking of which is a prerequisite step for the accurate tuning -or excising- of the consciousness, of the Self, of Mind. The reconfiguration of this isolating and oppressive feedback loop called my individualised “ego” by skills that are explicitly developed in the twin disciplines of self-destruction and self-construction is the navigation of my own mirror maze.

”…The organism cannot live the death that gives rise to the difference between life and death.” To which the yogi replies, “Au contraire, Mister. I’m living it right now. So are you if you did but examine yourself.” – Timothy Morton, Thinking the Charnel Ground

The neuronihilism herein is my sketchbook of shadowmirrors, a record of necrological autopoiesis : a bag of poetricks and artifacts : a zentheogenic gloss on the archetypes of zero through a sustained concentration on the dissolution of self : a sketch on the utilization and analysis of multiple methods for reliably generating Mors Mystica – the neurological suspension of the default mode brain operations known as the mystical death : a tracking of representations of this death before death/death-in-life : scrying art, exposing the apophatic topology that seems to be a dimensional enlargement of an headless image of Self/Mind/God that is neurologically and (non)/ideologically consistent, expansive, imaginative, compassionate and constructive. This text will attempt a collation and codification of some techniques and results of experiments in the performance of ritual death. To perform and keep a recording of my thoughts on what it may mean to experience the mystical state – primarily the complete deactivation of the phenomenal self-model, the complete delinking of the default modality of the brain from a position of top-down organization and modulation through literally any means – Cantorian hyperpluralism, he says, only slightly jokingly. This deactivation sh[r]eds new light on so many religious and mystical tropes, witchcraft practices, meditation styles, physics, mathematics, neuroscience, and yoga – revealing how the circuit of deconstruction to augmentation and back attenuates the attention and quiets the mind in addition to setting the stage for profound psychogenic experimentation, exploration, and play.

When the entire brain is opened into this involute infinity of zero-input, all memory is “viewed” from a higher spatial dimension, providing the god’s-eye, rhizomatic observer-less point of view on the librarynth of Self/Knowledge, exposing its construction – exposing zero, the gap, as the stable centrality supporting an infinitely generative multidimensionality of consciousness. In laying nihility as this mobile foundationless foundation, the central gap whose tendrils extend out infinitely as every gap, pre- post- and during Being is shown to be interconnected, Ø proves hyperscalar, dimensionless, rather than simply a starting point or as some abstract linear position eternally pre-beginning and out of range of phenomenal experience. Zero becomes interchangeable with the Sartrean perfect witness as this tracking-of-emptiness becomes a permanent ungrounding process of divorcing from preconceived ideals and habits – a mechanism for practicing the “undocking,” so to speak, from ideology, culture, or self. A precision nihilism at the level of neural correlates to sense perception – where //passive nihilism is zero religion, and active nihilism is the religion of zero. This reconfiguration easily overturns phenomenological and ontological dualisms that would suggest anything other than Ø=∞, and indexes again and again and again that Ø represents a fundamental field of creative relation interpenetrating all things, as darkness has always been prior to light. – James Harris, Mirror Maze: No Self Reflection coming 2018|||

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