H3AD1355 by Omnia Sol

SOLD OUT (follow @voidfrontzero or @omniasolart on twitter for news about a possible reprint)

H3AD1355 is the story of Kim Samson; a 20-something non-binary individual who turns to magic as an escape from depression and existential ennui. During their intellectual pursuits into the occult, they come across an ancient Greco-Egyptian magical ritual which changes the course of their destiny forever. As well as being a fictional memoir, this work contains an artistic recreation of the Stele of Jeu (aka the Headless Rite) in a visual format which may be used as, in the words of Samson, “a talisman for magical practitioners of all degrees.”

//There is simply nothing else like Omnia Sol’s new glitchcraft novel. Alternating between disorienting optics and a language that is earnest, honest and touching, this piece reaches beyond the confines of the conventional graphic novel. It pulls from the wastelands of despair and alienation a glittering hope that even amidst the horror of the capitalist milieu the lost, the different, the damaged, can still find belonging and community in the rarest of places. But there is more here: spells and divinations, incantations and magic. At the perimeter of this work something lurks – a haunt, or haint – that is as distressing in its mystery as it is validating in its exclamation: there are great powers at work and we are not alone. We have within us all the agents of our own liberation. And, what’s not magical about that? – Mike L, artist and activist//

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