Darkening Places : Essays on Excess by Mark Horvath


//Night seeps into daylight, unleashing blood-thirsty haecceities. Instead of merely lacerating its victims, the Thing absorbs them into its interiority, revealing that things are always already surface manifestations of the Thing itself. Form cannot survive absorption. That which was scattered shall be unified. Between night and day, there is death. To reach the daylight of night, the moonlit-absence, we must destroy ourselves, dying into the black light. After intentionality, all we find are “formless materials and immaterial forms.” – Mark Horvath, Darkening Places//

Mark Horvath is a philosopher and researcher who lives in Budapest. He is co-founder of Absentology Collective, a postmodern and speculative realist research group based in Budapest. His research interests include postmodernism, virtuality, pessimism in philosophy, finitude and Baudrillard’s philosophy. Also he has an intense interest in Bataille’s writings and Bataillean social theory. Mark has presented at a number of conferences on several topics, among others actor-network- theory (ANT), negative queer theory, post-anthropocentrism and Accelerationism. In addition, Mark has co-written, along with Adam Lovasz the first Hungarian-language book on the topic of social acceleration and Accelerationism, which will be published later this year at a local academic publisher. In March 2016, Mark published his first philosophy book, also written with Adam, entitled The Isle of Lazaretto, released on Schism.

Translated by Adam Lovasz
Cover Art by Attila Szucs

Available now….Darkening Places : Essays on Excess by Mark Horvath


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