America by Will Bernardara Jr


//The evil is a plague and it is bacterial but its
vector is consciousness. The writer does not know or
comprehend the specifics of these future realities. At
any rate, what we have is possession by an external
force that looks like demonic possession (and it is)
and culminates in violent crimes, death, and assorted

“Fucking sorry –”
Dad twists, throws a right hook. Adam’s vision goes night.//

Simultaneously a novella of stunning and sudden hyperviolence, an all-too-brief examination of cultural, pharmacological, and emotional dis-ease and disturbance, and a comprehensive demonological treatise. Unsettling, unnerving, an image of multiply-entwined unravelings, Bernardara Jr invokes the superimposed spectres of America’s favorite pastimes: brutal violence, desensitization, and ignorance of the consequences of both.

Cover art by Ishmail Sandstroem

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